We are a game development company specializing in digital in-game assets powered by blockchain technology.

Our Philosophy

Committed to creating a decentralized future of gaming.


We strive for elegance and systematic innovation in all that we do, from our iterative design approach to our unique gameplay mechanics powered by a robust combination of Unreal Engine and Blockchain technology.


Unique Game Development: High-quality NFTs, as well as a Play-to-Earn game created in Unreal Engine.


NFT Based Economy: Many Play-to-Earn models inherently fail due to either not being sustainable and an inherently manipulatable. In our model - kart NFT owners set the price of the currency in a natural free market.


Bridging Together the Elrond Network: Our framework inherently encourages teamwork and sustainable relationships among Elrond-based projects.


Organic community growth within our Discord & Twitter by advocating transparency.


With a variety of personalization options, your diversification of in-game racers will be the envy against other players.

Partnering with Elrond NFTs and exposing a Free-to-Play, Race-to-Earn model to the 22 million users within the Epic Games gaming community benefits the entire Elrond economy, players, and NFT holders.

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Meet Our Team

Game Developer , 3D Modeling Artist
Game Developer, UX Designer
Graphic Designer
Project Manager
Blockchain Developer
Community Manager & Marketing Fr


Maiar Kart Racing allows users to buy, play, and hold NFTs through the Elrond Network. Our objective is to bring the whole Elrond community under one roof by allowing all projects (active and inactive) to participate in our race-to-earn multiplayer game. 

Maiar Kart Racing is more than an NFT — it will be one of the most popular blockchain based games in existence. Via using the Unreal Engine 5 platform, we shall provide Maiar Kart Racers with an amazing and visually pleasing gaming experience, as well as bring Elrond to the masses when we launch on the Epic Game Store.   

The individuals who do not own a Maiar Kart Racing NFT will still have the ability to play our Maiar Kart Racing game due to our Free-to-Play model.


We will provide ALL racers with a starter kart and driver, which will also be able to be personalized with the accessories opened from loot boxes.

We are minting 2000 first edition karts on May 7th 16 UTC for whitelist, with public sale of remaining karts on May 8th. Official mint will be on our mint website – mint.maiarkartracing.io

When the NFTs are available for purchase (May 7, 2022), connect to your Elrond wallet on the mint page.

The mint price of a Maiar Kart Racing NFT is 1 EGLD.

There is a maximum of 20 NFTs that can be minted by wallet. During the first 24h of the mint, the maximum is 5 NFT’s by address for Whitelisted.
After 24h, everyone will be able to mint and the maximum will be caped at 20 NFTs by wallet.

There will be 10,000 mintable NFTs available on the Elrond Network.

Yes, you are able to mint up to 10 NFTs in the public sale regardless of what you may have minted on private sale.

Partner NFTs in you wallet will be unlocked in game via a wallet connect in order to bring them new utility in a new fun setting!

The Alpha demo is scheduled to be released in late April 2022.

Our Alpha Demo is only available on Windows at the moment. If you are on Linux, you can use a compatibility layer software like Wine or use a virtual machine software like VmWare. For MacOS users, there is a Bootcamp application available to dual boot Windows on your machine.


After our first round of minting, we plan to release our Beta demo on all Windows, Linux, MacOS, and mobile platforms. 

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